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Patient Information

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Our patient information leaflets

The best care

Everything that the members of the Trauma Network do is for our patients.

Throughout the journey, we involve patients in all that we plan and do. We also value the feedback of patients and their loved ones as it helps us improve and shape what we do.

We know that the time after the incident happens is difficult for the patient and all around them. We have produced a patient information leaflet that we hope helps to explain what's happening and what's likely to happen. Have a look through and ask those caring for you if you have any questions.

Throughout your stay, wherever it may be, there will always be a Consultant looking after and co-ordinating your care, a named nurse for you, and a co-ordinator who will help, along with the teams of therapists.  You can ask them all at any time about anything concerning you.


If you are interested in sharing your experiences and helping us to improve our system, please contact the Network team.

If you have questions about the care that you received, please contact the PALS service at the NHS organisation.  PALS help answer any questions about your care in hospital advise and support you and your family. They understand that being in hospital can be an anxious time and you might need someone else to act on your behalf listen to your suggestions for improving our service for patients and visitors, respond to your concerns if you are unhappy with any aspect of your care, pass on your compliments to staff if you are pleased with any aspect of your care, and provide an information centre for advice and support on health, care and benefit issues.

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