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Online learning

Bridge & Panopto

The COVID-19 pandemic severely affected our ability to deliver trauma training and education, but also created opportunities to explore different ways of offering education, and accelerated the development of virtual and online learning.  The Trauma Network has worked with Health Education East of England to procure a suite of software packages - Bridge and Panopto - to enable the creation and storage of video lectures and to self-build online courses.  Our aim is to support all clinicians in the delivery of trauma care, and to give them access to resources that will provide them with the very best tools to manage trauma patients within the Network. 



These platforms are currently available to all Doctors in Training via HEEOE, but will now also be made available to nurses and AHP’s involved in trauma care via the Trauma Network.


Content is currently being developed that will support the Trauma Team Essentials Course (TTEC), and completion of the Level 1 trauma competencies for Emergency Department nurses and AHPs.  It is hoped that this will encourage the completion of the competencies by providing additional education to complement clinical practice.

It is possible to upload recorded live teaching sessions, and to convert PowerPoint presentations, so if you are delivering a teaching session on a trauma related topic, please consider whether it would benefit a wider audience through being available on Bridge or Panopto. 

If you require any further information, please contact our Education Lead - Sian Cross

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